Art Lives Through Charity Match

Some of our Presenters have inherited large collections of art and have favorite pieces that they treasure, but more than they know what to do with. They wish to see some of these pieces live on and find their place in the world.

POBA has helped to facilitate placement of donated pieces of art with charitable entities. These nonprofits can utilize the art either for their display (think art museum, community center, etc.) or at fundraisers that they orchestrate to continue their mission (those dog paintings go fast at animal shelter auctions!) If you are interested in a charitable match, please contact us! Some stories:

  • POBA helped to secure placements with local charities for a selection of his prints, and his artistry is alive and in the world!
  • The heirs of an estate contacted POBA about a group of pieces a collector had gathered over his lifetime that needed to be moved when his home was sold. These works were donated to POBA, and delivered with a list of the collector’s favorite charities. We are working to find his art homes or further purpose with nonprofits that were meaningful to this collector in his lifetime, so that his art lives on.

As one of our presenter heirs has said so beautifully, ‘It makes no sense to store paintings.’

If you represent a charity that would be interested in being paired with art donations from POBA artists, please let us know! Charitable donations to POBA, along with these art donations, help to cover the costs of our staff time in facilitating these matches.